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Counting down the days until the end of the semester.


Turning up the heat on abalone poachers https://t.co/7vNTAVf8ks
How did Kevin Kisner pass time today before teeing off?

"Watched Netlix and had two meals in my sweatpants."

Sounds like a typical Saturday...for all of us NOT leading the British Open.
.@PiyushGoyal: @GST_COUNCIL Has Tried To Boost Growth, Compliance.

Govt Concerned About Middle Class, Poor Sections Of The Society.

All Rate Cuts Will Be Effective From July 27.

@szarabi @The_AK_84 @Meghnamittal23@FinMinIndia
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As you search for the perfect daily moisturizer, keep an eye out for this ingredient. https://t.co/gougtEutGQ
“We have to undergo the cut to become full women," Chemtai said. "You can’t serve food [to elders] or talk to elders in a meeting when you are not circumcised. They will abuse you and curse you.” https://t.co/DpMkOtDMvw
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Mnuchin tried to soothe fears that Trump is trying to sway the Federal Reserve's plans to raise interest rates this year https://t.co/wZZSlWNlNH
- In pain, I smile
- In confusion, I understand.
- In betrayal, I trust.
- In fear, I push forward.
Big S/O @doterodeh_mpres and all the Kings and Queens keeping it #OneLove @talliaoyando
After the fallout from #UFC226, Brian Ortega (@BrianTcity) told Phoenix Carnevale (@microphonephoen) from @AXSTVFights he was compensated by the UFC. Now he's just in wait mode for featherweight champ Max Holloway. https://t.co/7vOrg1uw0S
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This reflective lingerie is the future.
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