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Wasn’t this guy president for 8 years?  And his dad for 4 years?

1. What the hell is wrong with self-righteous Sasse, RINO Lankford & dimwitted Collins.  Why don’t they educate themselves before providing fodder for the crazy ass media, which are so concerned about the president’s walk through Lafayette Pk to the desecrated St. John’s Church?

Sarcasm was created to confuse the stupid.

2. In fact, the death of these and other African Americans, as well as those beaten by rioters, and black owned shops looted and burned, are all but ignored by the Black Lives Matter movement and their celebrity advocates.

Johnson now tries to deny saying words he was recorded saying. All so very Brexit.

2. Yeh, right Here’s the Park Service’s statement, dishonorable senators.

EXCLUSIVE: “I miss him.” George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter speaks out about her dad for first time. 

"No harm done" - Translation: You have caused complete and utter chaos