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friend: "how are u?

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friend: 'how are u?



It's finally time @ericnamofficial fans!! 😍 Tickets are on sale at 10am today!! 😍 Tag a friend and get your tickets now!

https://t.co/9lmTijSkn4 🎫


#ericnam #kpop #livenation
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What might you do if you had nearly $20 billion to reimagine how poor Puerto Ricans live? As it turns out, age-old questions of community and resilience could keep things much as they are. A Critic's Notebook. https://t.co/xiEJKXPE3B
A legit Wifi connection is key for me during games so I can update my social media, check stats or find the closest grub. @IBM’s advanced setup at @MBStadium means that I’m covered, no matter how many people are connected! 📶#IBMPartner #ad
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What's the mood in the Who Dat Nation Right now? How are y'all feeling?!
And we're live!

Our question this week: How are you coping with a lack of sleep?

The phone lines are open: 1-888-416-8333 or leave your comments here. #CCCheckup
#LIVE: How are you coping with with a lack of sleep? https://t.co/IVWXpaWjaX
How Companies Are Using Big Data to Boost Sales, and How You Can Do the Same https://t.co/1Eg2T3DFlk
@laura_attridge @RealDMitchell @ObsNewReview ...concentrate on figuring out what it takes to show people who feel excluded how welcoming and wonderful and transporting and utterly unique this incredible artform is. And thank God for people like you, who are putting so much energy into that. xx
❄️Brutally cold conditions are moving in. Watch the video below for actual temperatures PLUS how it will feel.

What's to come: https://t.co/cxjMSGF3oZ
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Seriously. They steered the country into this insane, destructive nightmare with not a single clue of how to make their dream work. We wouldn't be in this but for them. They are morons, quite simply. Self-important, vain, lackwits. Anti-patriots.
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