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Counting down the days until the end of the semester.
As soon as you think “I’ll just wake up early and do it tomorrow” you’ve already lost
[writes paper]
This doesn’t make any sense
[doesn’t proofread]
[turns paper in]
College is like a Dora the Explorer episode; your professor asks a question, stares at you and then answers their own question.
When Drake said I only love my momma and my bed I'm sorry he was really talking about college students.
People are always like “so are you a morning person or a night person” and I’m like buddy I’m barely even a person
When your professor lets you out of class early
When professors walk around the room during an exam and see you doing a problem wrong and don’t say anything
It’s the worst when you debate going to a class and end up going cuz you think you’ll miss something, then you do NOTHING and could’ve skipped.
I just want to take a nap...and wake up fully rested, with all my homework done, and with all A's.
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