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i wanna marry someone as funny as me. imagine laughing because we both forgot to pick the kids up from school
why do people ask “how was class?” like class was class. i’d rather be sipping a margarita on a beach eating donuts... but here i am.
has anyones crush ever actually liked them back or does that only happen in movies
i love you > love u
okay > ok
you should come > if you want
goodnight > night
i made plans for us > whatever you wanna do
i’ll make it happen > i’ll try

the littlest differences in wording, can have a big impact
when im lurking and find EXACTLY what i thought i was gonna find https://t.co/sD9i4NHNk4
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i over use “hahahaha” way too much its embarrassing. if you ask me what im doing ill be like “hahahaha just relaxing wbu?”
how me and my bestfriend communicate with eachother across the room https://t.co/Bi13CsLUcX
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psa: wherever you sit on the first day of class is your assigned seat for the semester, don’t be the person that causes everyone else’s anxiety.
do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it's 9pm and you've achieved literally nothing
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