Just because a person doesn't talk about their problems doesn't mean they don't have any.

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U.S. President Donald Trump gave credence to a false and racist 'birther' claim about Kamala Harris' eligibility to be vice-president, fueling an online misinformation campaign that parallels the one he used to power his rise into politics. Read more:

Watch | “On the eve of the 74th Independence Day, I pay my tribute to our freedom fighters”: President Ram Nath Kovind

Make a wish! The peak moments of the Perseid meteor shower freeze as images in NW #China 's Gansu Province, taken on Thursday

Kerala Chief Minister In Self-Isolation After 22 Officials Test Positive NDTV's @SnehaMKoshy  brings in the latest

The Labor Department report Friday is its first estimate of second-quarter productivity and follows the first quarter’s 0.3% decline.

As President Trump doubles down on his opposition to emergency funding for the postal service because he believes it will lead to more voting by mail, potential delivery delays could impact everything from paychecks to prescriptions to mail-in voting. @GarrettHaake  has more.

Watch | "Winning trust vote in Assembly is a message to the forces that are trying to destabilize elected governments in the country": Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot