Other people hear a higher version of your voice than you do, because you’re hearing it resonate through your bones.

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Cloth masks are bullshit. I’m sorry if my language offends you, but the fairy tale that a piece of fabric provides the same protection as that of a N95 or surgical mask is even more offensive.

Let's remember: LeBron James's outrageous comments about free speech, against the people of Hong Kong, and for the genocidal Communist Chinese regime

You can love someone and STILL hold them accountable. Love is not exempt of accountability. They can go hand and hand.

The only two rap albums to surpass one billion streams this year ⬇️

Jason Whitlock, tells it like it is -- China controls Nike, Nike controls NBA, and these athletes are sellouts  

While we are at it, new name for Fed-Ex ... X-Fed (and use UPS)

Remember when Joe Biden talked like this?   

Yes white people need to do the work to dismantle systemic racism, white supremacy, etc. And yes men (& those who benefit from the systems) need 2 do the work 2 dismantle patriarchy, sexism & misogyny. You must call in those w/ toxic behaviors even if it’s YOU. EVERY DAY.

The way many RELIGIONS are used to oppress women and prepetuate misogynistic ideals to REMAIN IN POWER must be discussed WAY MORE and ABOLISHED .