People change, feelings fade, things go wrong, memories remain but life goes on.

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GOT7 drops comeback 'DYE' cinema trailer + script for 'Not By The Moon'

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Why are we demanding footballers hand over their money and not, say, Jacob Rees Mogg? Or the Queen?

First, it’s unconstitutional. Second, it’s boneheaded given many parts of the country are unaffected. Third, why do the media and Democrats say exactly the same thing?

I recommend Andy Puzder to chair a presidential task force on economic revitalization, a former retail (restaurant) titan from the private sector. Not a government official.  Not a Goldman Sachs-type.

Cat goes backpacking with his dad 😮

1. The pro-Iranian regime Obama hacks are back pushing for renewal of their Iran nuke deal.  The president has offered humanitarian assistance to these genocidal manics to help their beleaguered people, which they rejected.