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HOLIDAY DURING #COVID19 : When working out #thanksgiving  plans, @ScottGottliebMD  says families need to "weigh their individual risk," warning the 2-3 months ahead are "probably going to be the hardest phase of the pandemic." In #BaseBall  terms: "We’re probably in the 7th inning"

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First day of voting in NYC. Post your vids. Throw the Trump bums out.

Did somebody order some DRAMA? Because Ranvir and Giovanni delivered it! 💃🏻👏 #Strictly  @ranvir01  @pernicegiovann1 

How much would you pay per month so @ProjectLincoln  can keep the Jared and Ivanka billboards up for next 5 years?

Estimated content budgets in 2020: Netflix: $18.5 billion Amazon: $8.5 billion Apple TV+: $6 billion Hulu: $4.5 billion Disney+: $2.5 billion HBO Max: $2 billion Peacock: $1.5 billion CBS All Access: $1 billion Source: Bloomberg Intelligence

"The desire of humans to tell other humans what to do—when you couple that with equality, boy, you've got a recipe for constant problems in defending a classical liberal society." Bob Chitester, the producer behind Milton Friedman's Free To Choose, talks to @nickgillespie .

June 25, 1951, was the day when CBS broadcast its first color TV show. Unfortunately, no one could tell because they all had black-and-white TV sets. The first program in color was called "Premiere."

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If you live intown. The Ponce library is empty. There were two of us. C’mon out and vote. @11AliveNews 

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Jerry Jeff Walker, a county music singer-songwriter who busked around in the Greenwich Village folk scene in the 1960s and wrote the beloved song “Mr. Bojangles,” died in Austin, Texas at 78.

Daily Illinois coronavirus graphs: 63 new deaths, 6,161 new confirmed cases and 82,256 new test results