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Since this, two good stretches for the Lakers with LeBron resting. They were plus-1 over the last 3:13 of the third quarter with him on the bench.
Josh Hart has 15 points on 6 of 9 FG’s with a pair of 3’s, plus 3 steals off the LAL bench in 18 minutes. KCP has taken only 1 shot in his 21 minutes, though his defense has been pretty good.
Jusuf Nurkic headed to the bench with four fouls, which means early minutes for Meyers Leonard.
lmaooooo, Mo Wagner paying his rookie dues on the bench (via @DefPenHoops) https://t.co/h1BcRxiBVt
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LeBron’s up to 18 points with 7 boards and 3 dimes as he sits at the 4:05 mark of the 2nd Q. He has 3 PF’s … we’ll see if Walton decides to keep him on the bench for the full 4 minutes. LAL trail 53-49.
So far, so good for Terry Stotts' plan to rest Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum at the same time. The Blazers outscored the Lakers 22-11 with both of them on the bench thanks to Nik Stauksas' 16 points on 6-of-7 shooting.
Wooooooof Evan Turner was good running the point with Boston. His first year in Portland with that role he flirted with the worst plus-minus. They moved him to starter last year to cover and he was fine but not helpful. This is looking rough with him running bench point
Big scrum in front of the #NHLBruins bench. Chris Wagner, Joakim Nordstrom, Milan Lucic, and Ryan Strome all going to the box.
LeBron is so great that you don’t notice the lack of cohesion the starters should have given how little they’ve played with one another. The bench group is going to need some time to gel. And to help, LeBron starts the 2nd Q w/t bench (like they tried in Vegas).
LAL opened up with a 25-15 edge, looking great, but once they got into the bench rotations, POR took over, running out a 19-6 push to lead 34-31 after 12 minutes. LeBron was terrific w/13 points (5 of 6 FG’s) and 3 boards and was a +5.
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