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USD/CAD falls to fresh 2-week lows, farther below 1.3200 handle ahead of FOMC minutes By @HareshMenghani #USDCAD #DollarIndex #Fed
UK PM May comments in response to the resignations earlier By @HareshMenghani #UnitedKingdom #Politics #Brexit
Gold: Persistent uptrend may reflect underlying weakness in USD - AmpGFX #Gold #DollarIndex #Banks
Three Conservative MPs said to have announced their resignation By @HareshMenghani #UnitedKingdom #Politics
USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Set-up favors a move towards 100-DMA resistance near 111.60-65 region, FOMC minutes awaited By @HareshMenghani #USDJPY #Technical Analysis
EUR/SEK recedes from YTD highs, back near 10.5600 By @pabspiovano #EURSEK
IMF's Lagarde: IMF likely to downgrade German growth outlook – Die Zeit #IMF #Germany #Growth

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When is UK manufacturing production and how could affect GBP/USD?
After collapsing 570 pips in two weeks, $GBPUSD closes below 1.5300
RT this tweet and follow us to enter in a raffle of the book “Political Economy of Tomorrow” by
ECB’s Constancio: ‘Stimulus persistence’ justified by economic slack - CNBC By @ #ECB #CentralBanks
USD: Undervalued by 5% on a FEER assessment – Deutsche Bank
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