'Immigration is our universal American story' via @Enquirer 

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Where will this stop this time? How much 'risk' is China willing to take with its sovereign risk?

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Super PACs and other big-money front groups are flooding our democracy with dark money. That “tsunami of slime” won’t stop until we guarantee transparency. Let’s pass the DISCLOSE Act.

BREAKING: People who know @GaryGensler  say chances of him ceding power or cooperating to engage the #Crypto  industry in a new regulatory regime are close to ZERO. He will seek to leverage the @SEC_News 's power on this UNLESS Congress or the courts step in c #XRPcommunity  @Ripple 

When we woke up and checked #crypto  prices today...😂 c: @KoroushAK 

Does anyone recall the stock market fell 20% from Sept 21, 2018 to Dec 24, 2018? Probably not. Memories are short and there's a lot of water under the bridge since then. Still, the set-up seems similar including Fed blunders based on misreading employment data. Here we go again.

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JUST IN: The U.S. will be easing travel restrictions for foreign visitors who are vaccinated against Covid beginning in early November. @kaylatausche  reports.

Revising a famous quote: If you owe the bank $100, then you have a problem. If you own the bank $1 million, then the bank has a problem. If a Chinese development company owes $300 billion, then the global financial system has a problem.

Calling on the #AMCArmy !! I am working on a documentary about the #apes  saving $AMC and shaking up Wall Street - we would love to hear about you, and why you’re an APE!! Please send a short video about why you are in #AMC  to ape @nbcuni .com. See thread for details...

Trump Org investigation update: prosecutors have seized tax records from someone's basement, and there are signs more indictments are coming.