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JPMorgan temporarily halts small business loans outside federal scheme

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This is a total joke with Dominic Cummings now live on SKY. It is like a criminal trial. All interrogators asking the same questions. I don't know why he does not simply say I have answered this 6 times already today.

Presumably Mary Wakefield can't drive. The stuff about driving to a beauty spot at Barnard Castle and sitting by a river (in defiance of the lockdown) to test his eyesight is so ludicrous it guarantees this story is about to enter its fourth day...and more

RT: @piersmorgan  He’s never offered to resign, hasn’t even crossed his mind. Staggering. #cummings  ........ YOU NEVER RESIGNED WHEN YOU MADE MISTAKES. YOU HAVE BEEN FIRED MORE TIMES THAN A COLT 45

Just exactly how are we planning to exit the economic mess we’ve thrown ourselves in? Do #Newson , #Whitmer , #Cuomo  #deBlasio  & others think they’ll be able to simply TAX their communities back to health? Our lawmakers FAILED to manage the ECONOMIC consequences of their actions

🍌 😷 Bananas — the world’s most popular fruit — are in a fight against a disease that is ravaging the $25 billion industry... and it's not #coronavirus . Read more via @business :

We are facing the very real, daunting threat of #Socialism  amid this horrible pandemic. @DineshDSouza ⁩ writes here 👇 about the freedom and equality created by #Capitalism . While not perfect, CAPITALISM is the best system we’ve got!

BREAKING: Germany offers Lufthansa a $9.8 billion bailout, the country's biggest corporate rescue during the pandemic crisis

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Very few security uncles are tweeting on the border row with China. That usually means the situation is grim.

The U.S. stock market is closed for Memorial Day — it's also rallying