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Latest Scoops

UEFA call on European leaders to help regulate transfer market https://t.co/og8VdiMtIT
Saudi Arabia urges Kurds to scrap independence referendum https://t.co/shn3GT8Toe
London parrot does online shopping by mimicking owner https://t.co/r4zPglnUSg
Work on China's mission to Mars 'well underway' https://t.co/DAX8nSCCxn
Hot new talent lights up Milan Fashion Week https://t.co/GKpnvLiiCY
Germany's EON close to selling fossil-fuels stake https://t.co/izDohDbIzQ
Film hated by Israel culture minister candidate for Oscars https://t.co/LQIHrr8ICO
West Africa steps up battle against pirates and poachers https://t.co/xunVAY0mGj
Wildlife pays the price of Kenya's illegal grazing https://t.co/3mxgCl8g9K
Trump's North Korea talk 'counterproductive': analysts https://t.co/GkFGlOcOfX
US-backed force takes 90% of Syria's Raqa from IS: monitor https://t.co/SkNIxPDBNF
Australia court delays $6.9 bn merger of gambling giants https://t.co/UNTiBepA6h
Spanish police arrest top aide to Catalan vice-president https://t.co/tl50vHRciF
Obama begins lucrative turn as Wall Street speaker https://t.co/rNDUmtiesC
France picks AIDS drama ‘120 Beats Per Minute’ for Oscar bid https://t.co/7F7Ezj8Rhn
ThyssenKrupp, Tata to merge European steel operations https://t.co/dfYEaEGn83
Hurricane Maria heads for Virgin Islands after lashing Dominica, Guadeloupe https://t.co/pfMdIB9TjN
Airbus opens first plane-completion centre in China https://t.co/dvzkDcgfoL
Israeli firms seek hi-tech help -- in Gaza https://t.co/zkcuhWuyJJ
Cricket-mad Afghan fans flock to T20 despite violence https://t.co/XM6wAG3Xz1
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