Aaron Schatz ?

Aaron Schatz ?

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For all the Pats fans who might feel that the Patriots would have won the Super Bowl this year if they had just kept Brady... Yeah, that's not a thing. There's no Evans or Godwin in New England. No Barrett or JPP. No David or White. The whole team matters.

Here you go. Buffalo has now passed Kansas City in weighted DVOA (lowering strength of earlier games). BUF 27.7% KC 25.2%

I just saw that Derrick Henry went over 370 carries today. It's been a long time since any RB has even come close to it.

Well, that's more points now than the Steelers gave up to any regular-season opponent. In one half!

ST tidbit from our AFC Championship preview: Corey Bojorquez had a huge gross punting average in part because he punted from the opposing side of the field only three times! Buffalo never punted from past the 50 with less than 12 yards to go!

I am stunned. McDermott has been one of the most aggressive fourth-down coaches all year. WHAT THE HELL.

Can we give Todd Bowles the Super Bowl MVP?

I’ve seen a lot of KC fans blaming the SB loss solely on the offensive line and Patrick Mahomes’ turf toe. But that’s only half the story. The defense was also very poor last night.


I'm glad Odell Beckham Jr. doesn't like to lose. The man wants to be successful at his job. Why do people have an issue with this?

Let's summarize: The Pats just beat one of last year's final 4 teams with no Brady, Gronk, Solder or Vollmer, and -2 on the turnover battle.

I'm a little annoyed that NBC keeps talking about social justice initiatives but nobody will address the booing in the pregame "moment of unity."

Fun with perception: Atlanta's offense played the No. 2 hardest schedule of defenses this year. NE's D played the easiest sched of offenses.

Since more police violence has returned Colin Kaepernick as a topic of discussion, a reminder: no other QB of Kaepernick's age and experience ever just disappeared from the NFL without a contract no matter how bad that QB sucked.

I just pressed the Popcorn setting on my microwave and it showed me secret spy video of Kellyanne Conway eating lunch.

Since we're going to talk about this for two weeks straight, just a reminder that the Patriots didn't tape any Rams walkthroughs before SB XXXVI and the Boston Herald eventually had to apologize for the story.

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I didn't even realize that the officials in Foxboro today counted off a 10-yard penalty on KC as only five yards. That's an absurd mistake.

Aaron Rodgers knows when you have 12 men. He knows when you're offside. He knows when you've been sleeping and when you're awake.

Sometimes I wonder what life was like for trolls before Internet. Did they sit at home, yelling mean things at their magazines?