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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu handed back his mandate to form a government back to the president, after being unable to craft a coalition

Netanyahu has given up his latest attempt to form a government, clearing the way for Gantz to try to become Israel's next leader. @halbfinger  @IKershner 

A radical way to mobilize black voters in 2020: Work on issues, not voting. (1/8)

The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another. —Richard Feynman#GartnerSYM 

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Dead trees of Rome are now turning into much-admired pieces of art 

A Georgia driver made it out alive after he rear-ended a log truck, and his car was impaled by logs from the front windshield to the back window.

A man in a "Make America Great Again" hat was arrested after allegedly dousing demonstrators with bear spray at an anti-Trump rally in southern California.

Ocasio-Cortez pressed on support for Sanders: "As a woman of color, why back an old white guy?"

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These Kurds threw potatoes and rocks at the U.S. troops abandoning them in Syria.

How big is too big? The final season of #SiliconValleyHBO  premieres October 27th.