Black Friday / Citadel Outlets Commerce

BLACK FRIDAY AT THE CITADEL🎄: Not everyone turned to the internet to catch Black Friday sales this year. Instead, some shoppers flocked to their local malls including the Citadel Outlets in Commerce. By noon, shoppers struggled to even find a parking spot

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Black Friday / Citadel Outlets Commerce

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McConnell is a shameless stooge of the global corporate elites and the deep state, and his petty, vindicative act against the President is a disservice to the nation, creates more division.

The Post obtained hours of video footage, some exclusively, and placed it within a digital 3-D model of the building to map the rioters’ movements and assess the peril that lawmakers faced.

Exclusive 41 minutes of fear: An examination of videos and photos reveals what happened inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege

Norway has registered more deaths among people over the age of 75 who had their first Covid-19 vaccination shot

UNITED STATES: Life expectancy in the country fell by 1.13 years in 2020, the biggest drop in 40 years, bringing it down to 77.4 years amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)

"We can be the party of Eisenhower, or the party of the conspiracist Alex Jones. We can applaud Officer Goodman or side with the mob he outwitted. We cannot do both." -- @BenSasse :

NEW: Los Angeles County, the hardest hit region in the country right now, has crossed 1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. The county also identified its first case of the so-called U.K. variant.

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From ELIAS: The Packers finished with 484 total yards on offense. That's the most against a No. 1 defense (in terms of yards per game) in a playoff game since the merger.

WATCH: Father of the Web @timberners_lee  aims to fix some of the problems that have handicapped the so-called open web in an age of huge, closed platforms such as Facebook#ReutersNext 

Whatever the morality or legality, it seems that the Twitter ban worked