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TRAFFIC ALERT: Semi fire shuts down all lanes of southbound I-465 near East 56th Street
TRAFFIC ALERT: Semi fire shuts down all lanes of southbound I-465 near East 56th Street
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Prosecutors say Manafort lied to:
-tax preparers
-Treasury Department
-National Security Division of DOJ
-Special Counsel’s Office
-grand jury
-his own legal counsel
-Members of Congress
-executive branch of US government
#WATCH : Police constable Poonam Billore ran for more than a kilometer along the railway tracks with an injured man on his shoulders in Hoshangabad today, after the ambulance couldn't reach the spot to rescue the man who had fell down from a train.#MadhyaPradesh
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NEW: Last known position of Atlas Air Flight 3591, a Boeing 767 cargo plane, before it crashed into Trinity Bay near Houston
The editor of an Alabama newspaper who recently urged the Ku Klux Klan to "ride again" has been replaced by an African-American woman, the paper says
Theresa May is the Death Star of British politics - Matthew Parris at his savage best on why the prime minister is a large part of the problem.
JUST IN: Venezuela's Maduro breaks relations with Colombia in standoff over aid
Thanks to NYT reporting, I now know that @amyklobuchar eats salad with a comb, but know next to nothing about her views on the pressing public policy issues of our time. Feels like Clinton email "scandal" redux. #StopThisNonesense.
Stop debating “people” on social media. Block them! The internet is now replete with trolls and bots. There is nothing to be gained from engagement. It’s not a mark of openness or enlightenment. Engage with people you know! Engagement gave Russians an opening in 2016…
We don't know why CNN did a town hall with Howard Schultz, who is not a declared candidate and has no visible support. They won't explain it.

We don't know why CNN hired Sarah Isgur Flores, a political operative who joined in culture war attacks on CNN. They won't explain it.
Indians should come out of denial mode & accept we’re living in war time,where there is no space for sports & entertainment.India should behave like a superpower and force @ICC @ioc etc to throw Pakistan out of all international tournaments. Choose between India and Pakistan.
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