President Donald Trump / Saturday / Memorial Day

President Donald Trump played golf at one of his courses Saturday at the start of the Memorial Day weekend as he urged U.S. states to reopen after coronavirus-related lockdowns.​

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President Donald Trump / Saturday / Memorial Day

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Trump is invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807. It's a United States federal law that "governs the ability of the President of the United States to deploy military troops within the United States to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion."

It’s official: America is at war ... with itself:

The significant statement from FIFA on #GeorgeFloyd  - effectively telling competition organisers not to implement the Laws of the Game section barring any messages on equipment after a weekend of solidarity and justice pleas by players in the Bundesliga

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@gauravwankhede  @PMOIndiaI  @FinMinIndia  am not frustrated ever, since I have faith in the message of the Gita. I am the change that Bharat Mata wishes to see

Arkansas Men's Basketball commit Moses Moody recited a powerful poem for his senior speech, titled "He Beat The Streets" Please, watch until the end 🙏 (via @moses_moody3 )

So Donald Trump’s first instinct in a time of acute crisis is not to attempt to be consoler-in-chief but to declare martial law. Another step into the age of real and virtual totalitarianism. @Auspol 

Weird time to make his virgin run to church

Don Lemon on CNN : "Open your eyes, America. We are teetering on a dictatorship."

A few imperfect thoughts shared today. @undisputed