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Trump administration seeks to expand immigrant family detentions https://t.co/4Do8f7YGyO
Both the City of Flagstaff and Town of Cave Creek have cancelled fireworks displays this year due to extreme fire danger.
Many fireworks, like spinners & cone fountains, can legally be used on private property in Arizona starting today. Firecrackers and fireworks that launch into the air, like roman candles and bottle rockets, are prohibited in Arizona.
Hundreds of Mexico fans celebrate World Cup win at Huntington Park intersection https://t.co/OpGE4Jc5VN
White House spokesperson says she was told to leave Virginia restaurant https://t.co/hjiHCivcG3
Judge orders AZ Dept. of Corrections to pay $1.4 million in fines for inadequate health care; Ducey backs ADC, says ten people have been hired to evaluate prison health care https://t.co/UzxcXDlbH4
Dozens of animals found in unsanitary living conditions in Gilbert home VIDEO: https://t.co/ZDPRYudrKv
Newsmaker with @JohnHookfox10 tackles the light rail issue in south Phoenix right now on Fox 10... followed by World Cup. #Fox10AZAM with @ANITAROMANFOX10 airs today on channel 45, cable channel 9 from 6am to 8am
AZ teacher arrested for relationship with student https://t.co/4QdnES7VIC
Trump touts tough stance on immigration at Nevada rally https://t.co/uQxOd73Mx1
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