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“Stand back and stand by” you finished yourself right then and there. Showed the world what you are about.

Trump was tyrannical, outshouting, obnoxious, hateful, rude, would not endorse masks, would not condemn white supremacists, shout out to Proud Boys violent bigots, would not guarantee peaceful transfer of power, undermined integrity of debate. He is lost.

We are a better country than was on display tonight.

When both candidates agree that government should spend more, borrow more, and print more, and neither understands the nature of the structural problems that will precipitate the coming crisis, there's nothing of substance to debate. The result is the spectacle we just witnessed.

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was chaotic and unpredictable. Here's what you missed ▶️

If you understand that Trump was doubling down on fascism, signalling to his base that they should get ready to do their worst, that in his second term they'll have free rein, it should light a fire under your ass to vote.

In the first presidential debate, President Trump would not explicitly condemn white supremacist organizations, instead immediately turning to an attack on what he calls the “radical left” like antifa, referring to antifacist demonstrators. #Debates2020 

This debate was an unbecoming spectacle, and painful to watch due to @realDonaldTrump ’s lack of self control. I am embarrassed for America.

"I never felt like a hero." With 1 million dead from Covid-19, healthcare professionals around the world share stories from the front lines.