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Being a left handed setter is a blessing and our Player Of The Week Ding Xia CN fully utilizes it to her advantage and for Team China.⠀ #FIVBPOTW  STORY:

5️⃣ YEARS AGO. Matt & Team USA won the 2015 #FIVBWorldCup . On top of the golden glory, the opposite was named as The MVP. For this coming week, we will relive 5️⃣ matches featuring some of @MattAnderson_1  MVP like performances!⠀ ⠀ TO WATCH THE MATCHES:

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FULL MATCH REPLAY: 🇨🇳 🆚 🇹🇷 LINK: Enjoy your Saturday with this 2017 match between #fivbgrandprixa '>Ding X #FIVBGrandPrixa  & China #FIVBPOTW 🇳 vs 🇹🇷 Turkey! SCHEDULE for this week matches on Facebook & YouTube at

Whose SERVE ROUTINE you want to try? BR Amanda's or ITMatteo Piano's? #volleyball 

THIS PLAY THOUGH 😮. Thanks for the motivation Jean Patry! We hope to see more plays like this one when you play for your new club team in Italy with Yuki Ishikawa! FULL STORY: #Volleyball  #MondayMOTIVATION 

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: MATT ANDERSON US . Very few players are able to play multiple positions at the highest level in international #volleyball  but American star Matt Anderson is one of them.⠀ ⠀ #FIVBPOTW  STORY: @MattAnderson_1  @usavolleyball 


USA ?? and Thailand ?? delivered a tremendous match. Despite the American victory, in this point is Thai #15  Malika Kanthong who breaks the defense after an exhausting effort of her team ? WCHs#volleyball  #FIVBWomensWCH  #volleyballWCHs 

Kiara The #Volleyball  Dog is BACK & setting competitively! Millions have seen Kiara 🐶 peppering and setting for #BeachVolleyball  player NOMathias Berntsen & now she’s playing in her first 2vs2 match! FOLLOW KIARA: 🎥

This guy made of use of his time at home by creating his own Volleyball Spike Trainer! 🎥

A Very Intense #Haikyuu  #Volleyball  Clip. TAKEAWAYS: “If the opportunity comes, make sure you grab it.” “Opportunities present themselves to those who have prepared.” READ MORE ABOUT HAIKYUU:

Someone is really unstoppable today ?! Japan ?? also wraps the second over Italy ?? by 25-19 and we can’t stop watching this action! #FIVBWorld CupLive & replays on For all World Cup info ? #InGame  @Federvolley  @JVA_Volleyball