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The #Messi moment you've all been waiting for.
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The #Messi moment you've all been waiting for.

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His performance in the 2011-12 UEFA Europa League competition catapulted @FALCAO into the top echelon of European football. He scored a brace in the final, was named Man of the Match and became the first player to win back-to-back Europa League titles with different teams.
Giannis said that Steph's alley-oop bounce pass in the All-Star Game was bad 😂
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After winning the battle against the tiger, The lion is going back to his hometown : Riyadh 🐾💙
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#TBT #1YearAgotoday @weareoneEXOwas revealed as one of the Closing Ceremony performers of the #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics #엑소 #EXO
Skill level = 💯

Raise your hand if you're trying this next time out! 🙋‍♂️
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Happy Birthday @JustinRoiland. You're a monster. You're a god.
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Jack Petruccele bagged four today in an intraclub for West Coast. Big shout out to @jeromeparot7 who put him on the radar a week ago & bad luck if you thought he'd be a P#supercoachOD
Following byes in the opening rounds for all of our athletes, we are still around 90 minutes away from our first British contest of the day! #JudoDusseldorf2019
I don't mind ZiPS criticisms with one major exception: people complaining for reasons that indicate that they did not read the very first sentence of the disclaimer that has been now in every single ZiPS post for like seven years.
My @AHNtoday COLUMN from PPG Paints Arena: When the #Penguins tune out, so can we all

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#LetsGoPens #SJSharks #SJSvsPIT
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"The ability to continuously fight .... work towards your goal, every day, each day, & fight through any and all obstacles & you will find if you do this....every day for extended periods of time, ...but in the end if you do that you will accomplish your dream."~David Schuman
Should you be worried about Francisco Lindor's calf injury? @MBeller has answers for the right shortstop to draft
🥂 WIN: Win the ultimate day out with Rangers Protect. Compare life or Home Insurance and you'll be entered into our competition to win a pair of Hospitality Tickets for the clash with Hearts on the 3rd of April.

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GM! Be extremely Thankful for the woman/man in your life that makes you better and pushes you to grow, it’s a gift from God that needs to be appreciated! Life is best when our spouse causes no stress.
Introducing our Summer Stand-outs series. 🤗

“His endurance is his weapon as an athlete and he has been consistently up in the top two or three in all of our running blocks.”

Find out who Physical Performance Manager Luke Boyd has nominated. 👀

🕘#5LiveYourCall: What's your work-life balance?

Some companies are offering "unlimited leave".. where you can take as much paid leave as you want as long as the work is done.

Would that work for you? Or would it be like an "all you can eat buffet"?
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