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Goosebumps 😭😭😭 When you are overcome with emotion seeing your idol...

We ❤ #Messi
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Goosebumps 😭😭😭 When you are overcome with emotion seeing your idol...

We ❤ #Messi


D-Generation X to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019, per @tim00

- Triple H
- Shawn Michaels
- Road Dogg
- Billy Gunn
- X-Pac
- Chyna
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We will exchange some tips ... i will show him how to perfect the lion celebration 🐾 and he will teach me how to put more goals😎
So twitter do your job 🙏🏿🙏🏿
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J. Cole brought out the old school Hornets jacket. Cold.

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That feeling when you eat a spinach salad for dinner in your hotel, then follow it up with a loaf of bread slathered in butter!
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"You control your own destiny when you have the kind of talent we do here"

Christian Yelich and the #Brewers are determined to return to the postseason in 2019.
Cory Booker you make your mind up way too fast when it benefits your causes-way too slow when it doesn’t
to ever be considered a serious presidential candidate.
And you can’t be naive enough to think that cows are the only flatulent animals in the world
Would you kill them all?
When #LightningStrikes you get #MallerMarathon on your radio, TRIPLE HEADER, with WEEI Boston from 10p-1a, Radio Sport New Zealand, Ben Maller Show on FOX from 2a-6a ET. It's known as The Punisher of schedules.
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