The #FBI  is still seeking information about people involved in the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol. If you think you know the individual in these pictures, submit a tip at . Refer to photo 334.

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Biden brought his flashcards into his meeting with Putin.

The ability of the PM to tell blatant untruths about consequences of his Brexit deal on NI is jaw-dropping He agreed a border down the Irish Sea & he needs to own it #PMQs 

Twitter loses legal protection in India over its failure to appoint statutory officers in line with the new IT rules. Union minister @rsprasad  said the platform failed to comply with new rules despite being given multiple opportunities. @PoulomiMSaha  with more details. #ITVideo 

UK poultry will appear on Japanese tables for the first time ever! This is a historic moment for UK farmers, which the industry estimates could bring a £65 million boost to poultry producers over the next five years. Read more: #FarmingCAN 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ political decisions gave rise to the highest rate of illegal immigration in 20 years. They: Halted construction of the border wall Reinstituted the failed policy of "catch and release" Ended the Remain in Mexico policy

US press asked Biden if he trusted Putin and @PresElectBiden  nodded yes. Reporters again asked Putin why do you fear Navalny, and what’d you if Ukraine joined NATO. No Putin ans @JonLemireer . via (1/2 of US traveling pool didn’t get access due to Russia press and security shoving us)

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I'm worried about the blokes in The Australian Club. How will they ever feel sure they won their membership on merit, rather than because they ticked a gender box? Sad.

SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford condemns BBC journalist Nick Watt being "chased through the streets of Whitehall by a mob seeking to intimidate" #PMQs 

Don't download fake oximeter apps, may steal biometric data: Tamil Nadu police Read full report:

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