Washington / Capitol January

The FBI is seeking to identify individuals instigating violence in Washington, D.C. We are accepting tips and digital media depicting rioting or violence in and around the U.S. Capitol on January 6. If you have information, visit .

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Washington / Capitol January

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July 2015: hottest July on record July 2016: hottest July on record July 2017: hottest July on record July 2018: hottest July on record July 2019: hottest July on record June 2021: hottest June on record Yeah. It's time we got our act together and took bold action on climate.

Biden. Indoors. Surrounded by people. MASKLESS. 5 minutes ago. This administration is a farce

...and yet Dr. Fauci, to this day, believes the US Taxpayer should still fund the Wuhan institute because China is where the bats are that harbor coronavirus. (watch him dance around on this subject last Sunday’s CNN)

4 million dead and Dr. Fauci still believes we should continue funding of the Wuhan Lab. Extraordinary and unmatched poor judgement that should preclude Dr. Fauci from being anywhere near the reins of power.

Democrats want to control and restrict Americans’ freedoms. Yet, at the same time, they’re allowing #COVID  positive illegals to come into this country with no constraints at all.

Being pro-life doesn’t just mean advocating and protecting the unborn. I also care deeply for the living and don’t want more people to die from #COVID19 . Everyone that is able should get the vaccine:

Woman confronts man after he repeatedly touches her while at bar in viral TikTok

Many Americans are struggling to make ends meet because of rising inflation. Now, Senate Democrats want to raise taxes on middle-class families to pay for their reckless tax-and-spend spree.

The Mexican government is engaging in a deliberate and systematic campaign to undermine American energy companies, posing a threat to Texas energy producers and our nation’s energy infrastructure.