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BREAKING: Jussie Smollett officially a suspect for filing false police report: police
Watch Fox News host Tucker Carlson call one of his guests a 'tiny brain...moron' during an interview. NowThis has obtained the full segment with historian Rutger Bregman that Fox News is refusing to air.
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🚨@rcbregman, my Dutch brother from another mother and the specter that haunted Davos, causes Tucker Carlson to have a meltdown. The episode didn’t air, but now the footage has been leaked.
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NEW: New York Times publisher responds to President Trump:

"The phrase 'enemy of the people' is not just false, it’s dangerous. It has an ugly history of being wielded by dictators and tyrants who sought to control public information."
BREAKING: The Justice Department is preparing to announce as early as next week that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report is complete, according to people familiar with the plans
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Coast Guard lieutenant amassed weapons and planned a mass terrorist attack targeting politicians and journalists, court records say
Trump tweeted that he had ordered FEMA to stop giving aid to California disaster victims unless the state changed its forest practices. After a freedom of information request turned up no records, FEMA acknowledged today that it never got any order.
It is wrong for a presidential candidate to conspire with agents of a hostile foreign government to win an election.
Remember when one of the president's most devoted, obsessed fans tried to murder like 20 of the president's most prominent political foes?
Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson: "I just wish that the families of gun violence in this city got this much attention, because that's who really deserves the amount of attention that we're giving to this particular incident."
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Light rain fell on the Valley on Thursday morning, but it was expected to get heavier as the day continued. #AZWX

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Although details are still being worked out in the forecast, travel will likely be impacted around the region with the expected weekend storm. Know before you go. Always check ahead.
Are you doing everything you can do to keep your heart healthy? What are the warning signs that something could be wrong? Join @JEstevezWFTV, @GWarmothWFTV and @FloridaHospital TONIGHT for a Facebook Live event that could keep your heart in chec!
Got travel plans for the weekend? Use today's break in the active weather pattern to double check you car preparedness kit!
EM Panel at the #etxiwt: Use Outdoor warning sirens to know to go inside and seek more information, and register for local notifications as one source to give you that extra information. Check with your city or county about local notification systems.
A major winter storm is bringing heavy snowfall to Northern Arizona. What does the weather look like where you are?
Send us your weather photos with your location, and we'll post the best on
Pro-tip: If you’re going to (allegedly) hire people to beat you up, pay cash, not check 😳

The #JussieSmollet story just gets more and more bonkers
Will you invest to reduce your consumption of electricity before Muskrat Falls power comes on stream? Call @RamonaDearing and David Vardy of the Muskrat Falls Concerned Citizens Committee at 722-7111 / 1-800-563-8255.
Think about it: has your car ever failed an emissions test? You know that quick stop you have to make before you can renew your car it still necessary? With cleaner air and more efficient cars some are questioning the need for Georgia’s...
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