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Eugene Robinson

I am the Washington Post columnist, MSNBC analyst and author.

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Trump is panicked and flailing. "The astonishing thing is that the president of the United States is, let’s face it, raving like a lunatic — and everyone just shrugs."

Opinion | Trump’s claim that he supports legal immigration turns out to be a lie

What kind of man visits two grieving communities, shattered by horrific mass shootings, and somehow makes it all about him?

I wrote this about Toni Morrison when she gave her Nobel Prize lecture in 1993. Her wise and eloquent words -- about the power of words -- are even more relevant today:

Opinion | The Democratic debate makes one thing clear: It’s time to narrow the field


These people were yelling "Death to Jews!" Donald Trump just praised and defended them as victims.

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One closing thought before bedtime: Trump's war against the press is not just a play to the base. It is an existential struggle against what has always been his nemesis: the truth. He knows it can destroy him.

Almost anything is less cruel than snatching toddlers from their mothers, but indefinite confinement of families in concentration camps is still cruel. And racist. And wholly unjustified.

Trump's right that there is a "national emergency" we must deal with:: Him and his corrupt, incompetent, unhinged administration.

The GOP just noticed that Steve King is a racist? Give me a break.

Children imprisoned in filth and squalor. This is the reality of Trump’s America.