Saudi Arabia National Day

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Saudi Arabia National Day

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#HermanMashaba “election of Zille as chair of federal council is victory for people who are opposed to my belief systems. I cannot reconcile myself with group of people who think race is irrelevant when dealing with social economic conditions of people”

@GStephanopoulos : "The Turks said they got everything they wanted." Sec. of State Mike Pompeo: "I was there. It sure didn't feel that way when we were negotiating ... we achieved the outcome that President Trump sent us to achieve"

Former Tory MP @JustineGreening  believes the "numbers are growing" in support of a public vote on any Brexit deal. "There are high stakes here... we have to go back to the people" #r4today 

When American troops first arrived in North Syria, kurds received them as heroes with flowers and ululation. Now terrified Kurds in Syria are throwing tomatoes and stones at departing American forces. @akhbar 

“The movement is growing stronger and stronger.” Chaotic scenes as police and tens of thousands of protesters clash in Hong Kong. Read more on the developments here:

In the Balkans the US attempted to stop the violence, not give a stamp of approval for the removal of minorities, the way it has done in Syria . @sfrantzman 

[BREAKING NEWS] Jo’burg Mayor Herman Mashaba confirms his resignation from the DA

A school in India has apologized after photos emerged of students wearing cardboard boxes on their heads during an exam to discourage cheating

A historic day in Northern Ireland as abortion is decriminalized...

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