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The Black woman’s guide to what’s hot now — our stars, our style, our lives.

Latest Scoops

If you've ever had a hair malfunction during sex, then you know it's traumatizing. Here are some more awkward sex moments to avoid: https://t.co/IPhCkMQSbt
Girl, life is too chaotic for you not to multi task. These sex positions double as workouts: https://t.co/kQhMpUTY7Y
Eenie meenie miney mo which bearded bae has to go: https://t.co/jl15wZRuyx
These Black ballerinas are EVERYTHING: https://t.co/wuUjYoOJOb
65-year-old man wrongfully convicted of rape as a teen leaves prison after nearly 50 years: https://t.co/mRv36D15HS
Diddy's little girls are serving looks: https://t.co/fdQzvjIPto
Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton couldn't be cuter if they tried and we have the pictures to prove it: https://t.co/BKeM6Cm4v4
The pounds keep melting off of Gabourey Sidibe: https://t.co/Y2PaGix0eZ
20 ways to not ruin your friend's wedding: https://t.co/fxwLi0MT0z
Yara Shahidi's mother, Keri, is aging like fine wine: https://t.co/jHqaYiFkPx
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