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The Black woman’s guide to what’s hot now — our stars, our style, our lives.

Latest Scoops

Sexpert Tyomi Morgan drops gems on what men really want, why women already have it and how to embrace your sensuality: https://t.co/od9u6GEY9P
This mom praying with outstretched arms over bride and groom is taking us to church: https://t.co/zh6BZeEIdy
We're pulling out the receipts and sending out a reminder that @IAmCicelyTyson is no rookie when it comes to slaying. Here are 45 times Cicely Tyson taught us what real style is: https://t.co/J4ROzJJch5
. @chancetherapper's declaration of love is EVERYTHING: https://t.co/LuRpaueVy9
These nine beautiful photos of @sterlingkb1 and wife lo@michellecheloking madly in love are sure to put a smile on your face: https://t.co/lnwRPk2Z5k
The 77-year-old Ryanair passenger who was subjected to racist abuse speaks out, "I feel really depressed about it. I go to bed and say ‘what have I done?'”: https://t.co/QvJHyMDWHX
If this isn't living your best life, we don't know what is. Eight Black travelers giving us serious luxe travel goals on Instagram: https://t.co/V5wMh24OHQ
Inside @carlahall's new soul food cookbook and roller coaster year: https://t.co/lDqJy9MwnV
Tracy Chapman is suing Nicki Minaj. The “Fast Car” singer is not happy the rapper used one of her songs for an unreleased track: https://t.co/WjDZquIF4F
Neo-Nazi group targets @AndrewGillum with racist robocalls ahead of Florida's election: https://t.co/XPwvXlyCTU
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