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The closing of the Weekly Standard is an act of corporate cannibalism by an ownership that has proven its media-biz cluelessness: https://t.co/7FiauxWsGH
Good one by @crampell on the threat to our educational surplus. https://t.co/NAAuaV11gV
@WaGuJohnSolomon Your source said at the hearing that you shared the docs with Republicans and Norton said Dems didn’t get them until after Rs got them. How to square that testimony with your answer?
@WaGuJohnSolomon What was there to authenticate? You got documents from financial investigators/whistleblowers. It's their work, presumably signed by them. The question is why you passed along 1,300 pages of this stuff exclusively to House Republicans. That is the question.
@WaGuJohnSolomon Thanks for the response, John. The complaint, as articulated at the hearing, is that you gave 1,300 pages of material to Republicans but not to Democrats, and that your source didn't know you'd be doing that. Any response to that?
So how did Republicans on the committee get the documents? "Those materials, we later learned, were supplied to the Republican side by John Solomon," said Moynihan, referring to The Hill's opinion contributor who's been on the Clinton Foundation beat for years.
Norton then asked one of the men -- John Moynihan -- if they'd provided the documents to the Republicans. Moynihan responded that he hadn't.
The private sleuths sent a set of findings to the IRS about the Clinton Foundation, and Norton wanted to know why these folks hadn't shared their documents with Democratic staff, but Republicans did get access to them -- 1,300 pages.
In a House oversight committee hearing this afternoon, D.C.'s Eleanor Holmes Norton quizzed a pair of "financial investigators" who'd amassed a bunch of unflattering "indicia" about the Clinton Foundation.
Assad’s regime killed an American — Layla Shweikani -- and no one seems to care, notes @jrezaian https://t.co/X1CtCr9y3K
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