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Latest Scoops

Behold the number of people who were NOT called to testify about the alleged rape of a Texas girl in this @ebruenig story: https://t.co/sMNUgLSA8i
How Ben Jealous's campaign turned Tamela Baker into Maryland's most controversial journalist: https://t.co/R5rutAufdN
A by-the-numbers analysis of just how Tucker Carlson interrupted Michael Avenatti. Over and over again: https://t.co/kt37bb39qu
In bilateral news conference, President Trump is talking about how "terribly" he feels for Judge Kavanaugh, who he calls a "great gentleman." Also: Says "they" should have done this long ago.
The White House Correspondents' Association has been pushing @PressSec and Bill Shine for more frequent press briefings: https://t.co/koZjgLA1MR
The illustrated guide to why women wait to come forward with sexual misconduct claims, via the excellent @AnnTelnaes https://t.co/5hdK4iSAeT
Wow, @radleybalko rounds up some research here on the question of racism in criminal justice. https://t.co/CoiPwLJhGl
A little context on the Kavanaugh process from @milbank https://t.co/gTbSP7VFsP
And then McConnell commended Sen. Grassley for following standard practice and "regular order."
McConnell, on Senate floor, rips Dems for keeping sexual-assault allegation against Kavanaugh under wraps until the "11th hour." So nice to see the senator treating a Supreme Court nom with such urgency!
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