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Latest Scoops

Facebook reverses itself after suspending Michigan journalist who denounced racism: https://t.co/6dNTRgJVOG
I watched the one-minute quasi-Kilmeade walkback and decided immediately that a transcript must be produced. Here it is.
And after Kilmeade sampled the inevitable backlash to his comments, he tried to set things straight on his radio showhttps://t.co/aN4XojR7ZR:
Brian Kilmeade of "Fox & Friends" this morning said something truly awful in an attempt to soften the border crisis: 'These aren't our kids.' https://t.co/TMKy08OYud
Very thorough by @TalKopan on the lack of processes and procedures for family reunification: https://t.co/oiUA3YSmoX Maybe this is what Steve Bannon was talking about when he riffed about the "deconstruction of the administrative state."
Counting the days till some group does a study of the coverage of the family-separation thing and determines that it was, say, 98 percent negative. Bias!
I've asked ABC News for a comment in search of answers as to how it happened. A viewer told me the graphic was up for about five seconds.
This mistake by ABC News is really something.
Reversal on family separation sets up big task for media: Going back and pressing ALL Trumpites who'd said there was no policy here, that this was the law, that a solution had to come from Congress.
On the media front, Fox News saw what despicable behavior Lewandowski exhibited last night during his womp-womp spectacle. Then it invites him back for another chat, this time with no one opposing him.
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