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I love family, journalism, pushups. Washington Post media reporter/opinionator. Tweets don't equal endorsements

Latest Scoops

A Trump wildlife council, writes @smencimer, is "weighted toward people who think the best way to conserve wildlife is to kill it." https://t.co/tV9uMchMO7
@seanhannity While Sean is a cable-news personality who has always answered my questions (thank you), this criticism of Shepard Smith shall not be countenanced. If not for Shep's reporting, Mr. Hannity, you wouldn't know which stories to ignore each night.
Chris Wallace, chatting with Shep Smith, asks of Stormy Daniels hush news, Is there anything about the relationship "that you haven't already heard?" He finished, "We gotta move on."
"(Week Never)": Check killer riff in @CarlosLozadaWP review of Siskind and Sunstein books: https://t.co/BXHlDw9joQ
Exploring Shkreli case beyond the jerkness, via @mollylroberts https://t.co/WrHqCKPwoO
News orgs spread cliches about wheelchair use in Hawking obits. https://t.co/cnNv6uxTHM
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel just told Harris Faulkner on Fox News: "There is no chaos in the White House."
Fox News admitted that its May 2017 Seth Rich conspiracy story didn't meet standards. And boy, was it ever right: https://t.co/4r8JDT5mtu
Ted Koppel brings 'old fogeyism' to sexual harassment debate: https://t.co/7kETbd2c19
It's just a headline thing: "Why Rexit marks a dismal new low for the White House"
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