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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for taking in something like the looming existential threat of climate change.

But what we feel determines our reality -- and importantly, our response, to the news. And that response is more important than ever.

After decades of delay, the scale of changes that are necessary to avert catastrophic climate change will force us to rethink everything; to courageously say goodbye to what we know.

We have to process that grief, together.

We know a *lot* about climate science: Our CO2 is warming the Earth, we can reverse it.

Going forward: We need to know how climate change will change us as social beings, how we can deal with grief, how to go about the process of imagining a new society.

Last week's U.N. climate report gave a terrifyingly clear picture of a world on the brink of locking in catastrophe — and gave us 12 years to remake society in order to prevent it.

That’s… a lot to handle.

I’ve felt lots of feels — maybe you have too.

Yep, there's a hurricane headed toward Portugal. In centuries of record keeping, there's never been a hurricane landfall on mainland Europe.

We have a totally normal climate and absolutely nothing has changed and everything is OK.https://t.co/pzetT8oRNh
Me: Why do I feel so tired today?

Me to me: Oh yeah, one of the strongest hurricanes in U.S. history made landfall this week, and a global consensus of the world's best climate scientists said we need to totally remake civilization in the next 12 years or it might not continue
Were you or a loved one affected by Hurricane Michael?

@paolaindausa and I are putting together an article that will help people understand what it was like. We'd love to help you tell your story.

Please DM or email: eholthaus@grist.org
The same story, repeated the world over, every day:

Climate change most harms those who did the least to cause it.

That is the definition of injustice. That is why we need to work together to build a better world.

NHC Update, 11pm:

It's nine hours and counting that #Michael has remained a hurricane after making landfall near Panama City, FL. Its center is now about 225 miles inland, just south of Macon, GA. Sustained winds of 75 mph.

What a wild, historic storm.
Hurricane Michael will likely devastate Florida’s Panhandle communities.

It is, simply, a history-changing storm.

According to the National Hurricane Center, “most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.”

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