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It’s not difficult to see the Trump and Russia alliance as a deliberate attempt to delay action on climate change — and read our presidents’ actions today as a a core part of that effort.

Whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election is no longer in serious debate. But *why* they did it is increasingly clear, and it centers around fossil fuels.

We now know more about what’s driving Trump and Putin’s close relationship — fossil fuels.

If you’re upset at Trump and Putin for potentially colluding to undermine our democracy, just wait until you find out that they are likely colluding to destroy our entire planetary climate system, too.

There is no way to understand Trump’s relationship with Russia without putting oil and climate change politics at its center.

If you're upset at Trump and Putin for colluding to destroy democracy, just wait until you find out they are colluding to destroy our entire planetary climate system, too

The most important article you can read about the most important story in the world:
I support @TheYouthMarch, the youth-led climate march on July 21st because young people deserve science-based action & a hopeful future.

This is the most important challenge humanity has ever faced, and they are not waiting. They demand change.

The time is now. #ThisIsZeroHour
"The science is clear. Journalists need to start using it."


If your job includes talking or writing words that other people hear or read, you need to be talking about climate change. It affects us all. It's integral in nearly everything we do. It's urgent. It's time.
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