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Scenes from a national emergency
One of the best lyricists of all time. Harlem’s Finest.

20 years ago, Big L was killed in a drive-by shooting. Rest In Peace 🙏
Miley is sharing more photos from her wedding, which means a happy Valentine's Day for us.
There is a god
My roblox account was unbanned.
Extremely saddened to hear of the terror attack in Pulwama. My deepest condolence, strength and courage to the families of #CRPFJawans. #RIPBraveHearts
Jason Momoa & Josh Brolin are joining Denis Villeneuve's Dune.

Casual reminder how on stacked this cast is:
Timothée Chalamet
Rebecca Ferguson
Dave Bautista
Oscar Isaac
Javier Bardem
Charlotte Rampling
Stellan Skarsgård

please respond w/ a GIF corresponding to the hype.
THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are officially engaged! 😱
Thanks for voting, voting closes TODAY at 5:30PM .. we’re dropping the #ThinkAboutUsVideo at that time... but we wanna give you some teasers.
Keep voting us to win a Brit award with the hashtag #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX. LET'S DO THIS!
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No matter what happens, you guys have been completely amazing and we are so blessed to have such dedicated and loyal fans. We <3 each and every single one of you mixers! THANK YOU. 💘💘
Here’s the #ThinkAboutUsVideo
We hope you like it.
The girls x
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There is no good side in the Yemen conflict, but one side is less bad than the other. via @TobinCommentary
Don't change yourself just to make someone love you, be yourself and let the right one fall for you.
Sound on for this one. Trust us. Make some noise for the #Oscars LIVE Sunday, February 24!
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My iTunes just randomized to Hans Zimmer’s “Cimarron” score - forgot about this one & how good it is.
Sausage and Lentil Cassoulet! A real winter warming stew which can be made with or without the sausages. Look for good quality thick sausages here as it makes all the difference! Anyone going to make it this weekend? You won't regret it :)
Tired of boring contests without any good stuff?

Enter #TheStufInside #Sweepstakes for your chance to win a one-of-a-kind @iRobot Roomba with an @Oreo Skinit! #sponsored Official rules:
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