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amazon pledges shipment zero time s up ceo resigns and oscars swag bags include thc here are three things to k
Amazon pledges 'Shipment Zero,' Time's Up CEO resigns, and Oscars swag bags include THC. Here are three things to know today. (with @aaaandreah)
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Shane Dawson
k i promise im done tweeting about this im just really happy and i woke up to these pics on my counter haha l
:,) k i promise i’m done tweeting about this i’m just really happy and i woke up to these pics on my counter haha love u morgan! i’m so excited to have a sister! :,)))❤️
Andrew Neil
sky data poll finds 90 of brits think the brexit talks have been a national humiliation
Sky Data poll finds 90% of Brits think the Brexit talks have been a “national humiliation”
Empire Magazine
wyld stallyns keanu reeves and alex winter confirm sequel bill and ted face the music in video shooting this s
Wyld Stallyns! Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter confirm sequel Bill And Ted Face The Music in video, shooting this summer for a 2020 release. Watch it here:
Shane Dawson
if u really think i proposed because of that ur crazy its our 3 year anniversary and ive been planning this fo
@NerdAboutTown if u really think i proposed because of that ur crazy. it’s our 3 year anniversary and i’ve been planning this for a long time. i don’t give THAT much power to people on twitter trying to cancel me for the THOUSANDth time. 🙄
Ryan Penagos
love these 2010 pics of twhiddleston amp chrishemsworth for a thor signing at marvel s sdcc booth
love these 2010 pics of @twhiddleston & @chrishemsworth for a Thor signing at Marvel's SDCC booth
The Dodo
@dodo 1 hour
this pittie has the world s happiest smile
This pittie has the world's happiest smile 😍
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Complex Music
7 years ago odd future drops their only album the of tape vol 2
7 years ago: Odd Future drops their only album, 'The OF Tape Vol. 2' 💽
Millionaire Mindset
patience is also a form of action
Patience is also a form of action
Soccer AM
this footage of callum hudson odoi playing as a 13 year old schoolboy is scary
This footage of Callum Hudson-Odoi playing as a 13-year-old schoolboy is SCARY! 🤯🤯
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Philip DeFranco
oh hello again r dankmemes
Oh hello again r/DankMemes... 😂😂😂
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