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"It's setting up a new story... I don't think people will expect at all what that chapter is from what they saw," — Scott Gimple and showrunner Matt Negrete speak with us about that unexpected end-credits scene on the series' finale of #TWDWorldBeyond 

"There's a lot of stories that, absolutely, we want to keep telling." — #TWDWorldBeyond  showrunner @MattNegrete  and universe chief @ScottMGimple  on the show's finale, its surprise cameo, and what it all means for the rest of #TheWalkingDead  world

It's official, #TWDFamily ! @KimDickens  is returning to #FearTWD  in the next batch of season 7 episodes next spring. She'll reprise her fan-favorite character, Madison Clark, as a series regular on the show's eighth season (which was just announced).

#FearTWD has been renewed for an eighth season. Before then, it will return to close out its seventh season in April 2022. Here's the trailer for the next 8 episodes.

#TWDWorldBeyond largely proved a point creator Robert Kirkman tried to make over 5 years ago about making numerous #TWD  spin-offs


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#TedLasso won at the #Emmys  for comedy series. In one of the show's scenes, this 26,000-seat stadium looks filled to the brim, but what most people don't know is the crowd is mostly made of fake people who weren't even filmed in a stadium.

"The Simpsons'" animation has gone through significant changes, from the rough-around-the-edges style of Matt Groening's early sketches to a crisp, clean look. We look at how the animation evolved throughout the past 32 seasons. 👇

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