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  3. you win life if you cat cuddles with you
you win life if you cat cuddles with you
you win life if you cat cuddles with you


Jesus, cat. Sit somewhere else, you total cliché.
don't just say you're down, you gotta show me
Here's how old you'll be when the gender pay gap closes https://t.co/3wWx6dbqCY
The Bonus record isn’t seen on the tracclist but you’ll find it lol 🤘🏾🎁
23 ways to fix the MTA, brought to you by Cuomo's Metropolitan Transportation Sustainability Advisory Workgroup https://t.co/XGAHtV00Xd
9 turtlenecks that will turn you into a holiday-season style god https://t.co/C5TzDPhVKb
.@kmichelle's on Raq Rants TONITE and she's spilling the ☕️ on Idris Elba's bedroom skills 😱. Watch on @BET at 11p ET (8p PT if you have Dish or DirecTV)
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Thanks to @PetrosAndMoney for having me on @AM570LASports this afternoon. Looking forward to talking with you guys again.
"When you have a platform to speak, say what needs to be said.”

@icecube, @maryjblige, @jimmykimmel and more new guests join @KingJames and @mavcarter on #TheShopHBO, premiering Friday at 10PM on @HBO NOW.
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I just want to say that @cameraneubanks is one of the best and most supportive friends i have or have ever had. (A loving/repectful nod to the handful of others i hold in such high esteem) 🙏 (you know who you are 😎🤙🏻😁)
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