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Boris Johnson, Etonian, pointing a finger at “elites” is the perfect storm of abject nonsense Brexit has become. I don’t know why anyone falls for this. It’s utterly pernicious
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Happy 1st birthday to my gorgeous boy!! You are a Joy and I love you very much xxxx
And it’s the best $400,000.00 I have EVER spent!
Did you see @BTS_twt's V rocking out to Cardi B's #GRAMMYs performance? 😍#BillboardNews
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#Limelights ! Today is dedicated to you. All day we'll be doing a#BestFanArmy voting spree for the@whydontwemusic boys! Tell ya friends 💫#iHeartAwards
Here’s a real national emergency & one the President could actually fix without a Rose Garden speech or formal declaration - stop kidnapping children at the border & return the ones we’ve separated to their families #FamiliesBelongTogether
Thank you for all your support, only a few hours left to vote 🙏🏼❤#BRITVIDLIAMRITA
Congrats to Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry on their engagement! Wonder if this was the moment she knew he was a keeper?!
A sense of contentment is crucial to being happy. Physical health, material wealth and friends contribute to this, but contentment governs our relations with them all.
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