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Guys, guys, I’m starting to think Donald might not be very good at his job.
If you’re anyone in, near to or spitting a mile away from the inner workings of the Donald Madhouse and you still think you’re going to get away with lying to Mr Mueller then you deserve everything coming to you.
I do hope @PressSec hasn’t lied to Mueller.
FYI anyone seeking Irish citizenship - all applications now taking 9 months from date of receipt.
The Boss says, RTs don’t count.

Please do a tweet using hashtag #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX and that’ll count as one vote.

Crack on gang! Let’s bring this home for Georgie!
Please tell me you have a side slide into the Pleasure Bar of Indictments?
My top tip: go to settings, mute all accounts with less than 10 followers and with no email.

It’s changed my life.

The Most Relevant

It will never fail to amaze me that America is willing to pay for an imaginary Space Force in an imaginary Space War but thinks free healthcare for all is absolute madness.
In two hours the UK economy has lost $350 BILLION. That’s equivalent to 40 years of EU contributions.
Reminder: Tommy Robinson’s first conviction was for hitting a policeman who was trying to stop him beating up his girlfriend.
Delicious fact: Prince Charles is being sent to 41’s funeral. Donald made it a condition of his visit that he didn’t meet Charles because he didn’t “want a lecture on climate change”
Go for it Prince Charles.
So let me get this straight. Theresa May spent £1 billion getting the DUP to prop up her govt and now she’s spending £2billion to prop up her Brexit deal.

So that’s one woman, wasting £3billion of public money for nobody else’s benefit except her own.

Presidential harassment.

Uh huh. Uh huh.
Sorry, but I’m going to keep banging on about this. Toby Young disguised himself as a woman in order to have sexual contact with lesbians. He wrote he wanted them to “find his penis”. This is not a man who should be elevated to anything. #marr
Hey remember that time that woman candidate sat, crying at a job interview and shouting how much she loved beer and was elevated to a Life Time Appointment?


Oh wait. WAIT. is saying it’s fake news he kept the Queen waiting and it was HER who was late? OH WOW. WOW. Mate, we WATCHED HER STANDING STARING AT HER WATCH.
For American followers, the racist your President has RTed is part of Britain First. Thomas Mair was part of Britain First. He murdered our MP Jo Cox.
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