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I see one man in Somerset who has tested positive for COVID has forced the shut down of a pub, a restaurant and vape bar. Now tell me why we’re not wearing masks every time we go out again?

I wish the govt would consider UBI. The current furlough system allows someone on a £200K PAYE salary to receive £2500 a month from the govt while a SE person earning £50,001 gets nothing. The furlough scheme has been brilliant for some, useless for others.

*idly wondering if I can take on myself as my apprentice*

@VictoriaPrentis @SaluteNHSYou’re celebrating the fact a million food parcels have been needed? Really? A normal govt might take that as a moment to pause and ask themselves where they’ve gone wrong, Victoria.

@TVKev  @JuliaHB1A  @talkRADIOnd  the govt is happy to give £10 to people who can afford to go out to dinner 3 x a week but had to be forced to give poor kids £3 voucher for food over the summer.

It beggars belief how much power this unelected man has grabbed for himself.

Someone needs to organise outdoor comedy gigs pronto.

Know this. We ordered a skip. And it arrived this morning. And now it is full and by Grabthar’s Hammer I FEEL ALIVE.


In two hours the UK economy has lost $350 BILLION. That’s equivalent to 40 years of EU contributions.

It will never fail to amaze me that America is willing to pay for an imaginary Space Force in an imaginary Space War but thinks free healthcare for all is absolute madness.

The govt’s Agriculture Bill 1. Ditches British Animal Welfare standards 2. Will mean UK is flooded with cheap low quality food. 3. Will put UK farms at huge disadvantage 4. Uk will not be able to sell into their biggest market, the EU, because of the lowering of standards

Piers Morgan who spends most of his days vilifying women can fuck the fuck off and then, when he’s fucked off, can fuck off a bit more. Spare us your shock you ghoul. Hounding Women is your modus operandi.

I see some Tories are calling for a sentence of ten years in jail if you scrawl paint on a monument (that can be washed off) Average sentence for rape is 8 years. Good to see they’re getting their priorities right.

I’m beyond appalled. Two gay women beaten up on a bus in Camden for refusing to kiss each other to entertain men. Whoever did this is absolute scum.

Contributions to UK Economy: Fishing 1.4 billion Football 7.6 billion Aviation 22 billion Arts 23 billion You’re welcome.

Hands up who thinks he announced 6 people in your garden to try and knock Cummings broke lockdown rules off the front page.