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Gourmet Cheesecake and Specialty Dessert Bakery. We ship in US. Call 800-999-8300 or click http://t.co/bExLrce5. In Chicago, dine & shop Eli's Bakery Café.

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Shopping, dining and fun @ElisCheesecake Holiday Open House 2017 #Chicago
We’re still having a blast at our #holiday #openhouse! We’re still here until 7pm so hurry in!
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It’s our favorite night! Happy Holiday Open House! @ The Eli's Cheesecake Company https://t.co/FbCATxn9oQ
'Tis the season for #savings @ElisCheesecake Bakery Cafe Customer #OpenHouse event tonight 5-7pm. #Dessert #Sale, prizes and fun!
6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr, #Chicago
How do you celebrate the holidays with #elischeesecake? Share your photos using #MyElisHoliday
We're getting excited for our annual Holiday Open House tonight! Stop in from 5-7pm to #save big #chicago
What do you have planned for your #Hanukkah celebration?
Happy Hanukkah! @ The Eli's Cheesecake Company https://t.co/gROTj0r9s5
Send a slice of #chicago anywhere in the USA! Eli's legendary #cheesecake arrives on dry ice in a custom styrofoam container to arrive picture perfect! https://t.co/k2rrDw6KMP
Are you ready for Hanukkah? @ The Eli's Cheesecake Company https://t.co/4oDqZJu2GT
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