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You don’t have a lot of credibility on this issue

Do you have any private intelligence products that might help the FBI get to the bottom of this?

@joshtpm  Putin actually hates Maduro. He wanted Trump to launch a strike against Syrian airbases. The Kremlin was quite pleased with the Suleimani strike. And he secretly kind of hates Rosneft, and is grateful for the new sanctions. Who needs the Nordstream 2 pipeline?

Trump”s latest ‘intelligence scandal’ is less than it appears.

40 years later, this song is still dope.

From Mohammed Atta to Alex Rodriguez, Gen-Xers can be quite moody.

The leak about the Russians helping Bernie was an abuse of state secrecy power. Nevada Democrats went with him anyway. When will the Democratic party’s establishment get the message that the FBI and CIA shouldn’t interfere in American politics?

Parasite is a deep critique of capitalism. It’s also a stunning piece of cinema. It deserved the Oscar.


Schiff says on @FoxNewsSunday  “there were serious abuses of FISA” but then says it wasn’t apparent two years ago. He had the same information as Nunes. Nunes called out those abuses. Schiff chose to attack Nunes instead of performing his oversight duties.

Does anyone besides Adam Schiff think Trump’s mean, crude and stupid tweets today constitute “witness intimidation?”

Breaking: Trump won the 2016 election

Erdogan cannot still be invited to Washington after his army deliberately attacked a US outpost. Sanction his assets. Arm the Kurds.

Anyone who would still defend the FISA warrants of Carter Page after the Horowitz report is deceiving themselves or you. There’s no defending it. Nunes was right about that. Schiff was wrong.

Anyone credulous enough to believe the GRU didn’t hack Democrats in 2016 should watch this @60Minutes  piece. The operation was bigger than just HRC. The Kremlin tipped scales in Congressional races too. Trump's Ukraine server theory is a pernicious canard

This Chris Wallace interview on @FoxNewsSunday  is devastating for Jim Comey. He comes out looking slippery, like he’s shading the truth.

On mid-term day remember that we are a nation of immigrants and refugees. America is an idea, not a blood line. That’s one of the reasons we are so exceptional.