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Edward Luce

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Chances that 10 Republicans can hold out against huge Fox-Newmax-Mar-a-Lago hostility to pass a bill? 50:50 at best. Chances Dems could count on Manchin etc to vote for budget in absence of infrastructure passing? Even lower. Would Biden then drop the bipartisan holy grail?

Officer Dunn: "I guess it is America. It shouldn't be. But that's the way things are." Tragically accurate.

@mjd1735  @WongDouglasW  @gideonrachmanhat  we're evaluating is the choice of failures. There's no such thing as success. Taliban takeover and potentially millions more Afghan refugees is the worse failure.

One of @tylercowen 's best conversations - this one with @nfergus . There's a lot in both their world views with which I disagree but I learned a lot from this podcast.

"It is the enablers who change history." My column on how almost the entire GOP, from the soft apologists to those openly touting dictatorship, are on the same bullet train to Mar-a-Lago.

You should write books for your own growth and satisfaction. Anything else is a bonus.

Impatient to find out whether Kendall Roy will eject his Dad? In the next three years China, Russia and the US all face potential succession crises that could shake the world. My Swamp Notes newsletter with @RanaForoohar 

Marveling at how NYT would give its main op-ed slot today to a piece that questions if it’s ethical for us to watch Olympics because Japan has rising infections and the event’s environmental impact. Of all the issues to agonize about…Is there no ceiling on liberal self-parody?

In which I bear an uncanny resemblance to @gideonrachman 

If you look at the Olympic medal table since end of the Cold War, it's almost always the five UN security council permanents minus one (usually France) and plus Germany or Japan. Occasionally Australia's there but that's it. This is largely about economic input plus population.


In his first sentence Biden says something Trump hasn't yet uttered: "First of all my heart goes out to all those suffering from the coronavirus.."

Worth stating starkly: Trump is a menace to world peace. He’s made it abundantly clear he sees no legal or moral limit to what he can do, up to and including war crimes. This is a time of acute danger both to global stability and US democracy.

Stated plainly: Republicans are using pandemic as cover to launch a major injection of wealth into the best connected companies of which the Trump Organization is first. It is the duty of reporters to report this not to regurgitate nonsense about "partisan bickering".

Just finished reading Mary Trump's book - a modern day Bleak House. Even in the darkest of Dickens novels, no family is quite as mendacious, grasping and avaricious as the Trumps. Disturbing book.

India badly needs global help. But let's not forget that its prime minister, Narendra Modi, recently permitted a holy gathering of up to 3m Hindus, held mass campaign rallies, and has a health minister who thinks cow's urine is a cure for Covid. Modi is damaging India's health.

Pompeo gave a speech last week in which he elevated two rights - property and religious liberty - above all others. His Christian nationalist presidential ambitions and confederate whitewashing pose a threat to the US republic. says @djrothkopf . I agree.

"Zuckerberg appears to be engaged in some kind of mutual assistance arrangement with Donald Trump that will help him to get re-elected," says George Soros in a pointed letter to the FT. He has a point...

Still digesting the scale of India's nationwide lockdown. Largest quarantine in human history (1.3bn people) and a massive live experiment. India has just 519 infections.