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Government after governments, they all talk(ed) about Mambilla and Ajaokuta...acknowledge the issues and identify the possible solutions, yet things remain the same for over 30 years and still counting.

The problem is not the pastors. The problem is actually those who take everything they say hook, line, and sinker. If followers make them understand not everything they say is correct, they'll change format and acknowledge not all them are Dundee United as initially believed.

We need to have this Almajiri discussion as soon as possible. One cannot be setting up own time bombs and exporting same. The world is becoming a global village, likewise Nigeria.

We cannot be describing anything now as their problem. It took no time for SARS-CoV-2 to hit the world from Wuhan.

Who will declare 'political emergency' amidst a pandemic? Most politicians no get sense.

Any transaction that's over N50K, I do bank transfer. That's the only way I can prove the transaction took place. Payment receipts can be forged, including agreements.

This pandemic may have wiped a generation in some countries.

Clerics who are desperate to 'cure' virus patients in their religious houses should go to isolation or treatment centres unprotected. They would have them there in quantum.

I kinda love these discussions about executive orders. When Nyesom used mere executive order to usurp the powers of the court & the law...we pointed out. Executive orders are exactly what they are...they can neither replace the laws nor the constitution. They can only supplement.


Beyonce has sold 17.2 million albums [in internet age]. Michael Jackson sold over 750 million albums. MJ's Thriller alone sold 66 million copies. No one is yet to dethrone King Michael, even in death.

Imagine Buhari giving executive order for Nyesom Wike's properties to be confiscated because he's being accused of corruption. You'll see him running to America & Australia calling for respect for rule of law. Just small Rivers state in his hands, he's acting like an old emperor.

I saw Northerners trending and decided to check what's about. Some people are crazy and shameless. You spend 4 years blaming Fulanis for every problem of Nigeria. They responded with their votes, you still blame them for voting. Who stopped you from voting your own man? Rubbish!

Civil servants are begging for six months salary arrears. Those who inputted 35 years of their lives have probably been forgotten...but for mistakenly being Bayelsa Assembly Speaker for just two years, you're entitled to N500,000 monthly for life...and you think we're not cursed.

Buhari has not sent the military to go & level any village, neither has he used EFCC to impeach anybody. A man who turned Nigeria to a personal empire is talking about us returning to Abacha days. Gen. Obasanjo needs to rest. 2007 is not to far way. His atrocities are still fresh

Nigerian civil/public officers who chop monies meant for hospitals and medicals…reality don set in. Those weekly obodo oyibo medical check up you are used to don cast. Everyone is going to use the same services you had bastardised. Today was always going to come. Good morning.

Anyone who has BVN cannot be termed to be among the poorest of the poor.

Some people think this nonsense El-Zakzaky's dogs are doing in Abuja is because of his detention. That's the same nonsense they were doing in Zaria for decades before the crossed Buratai's path which ended in a massacre. They're slowly becoming Boko Haram, and we're hailing them.

If you put this Image and write “Major General Muhammadu Buhari” on the ballot, he would win faster than with “President Muhammadu Buhari” in agbada.

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