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Happy birthday Angus Young! I’ve had the chance to interview @acdc  several times over my career for TV and radio and they were always really cool fun times. For TV we had to put boxes down for them to stand on…

Coming up today on #TrunkNation  a replay of my 2017 @TriumphForces ⁩ reunion interview in Toronto! Join me, Rik, Gil & Mike for this great chat! 2-4 & 10-Mid ET ⁦ @siriusxmvolume  106 or ⁦ @SIRIUSXM  app!

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3 years ago I went to Toronto and did a live special with all three original members of triumphtheband . The guys had nothing to promote and hadn’t seen each other in a bit. They simply came together to say hello…

I love that @Costco  , who has the greatest customer service / return policies of any store ever, is announcing no returns on paper products, bottled water, & certain other items. If you’re going to hoard stuff enjoy your 1000 rolls of toilet paper for life!

Hope it’s not the case but have to be concerned any tours/shows before Fall happen. @rogerwaters  had a tour starting in July pushed till next year, @M3RockFestival  now Labor Day. Colder areas may not see many outdoor shows at all. How many will have $ to go?

This weeks #TrunkNation  schedule: Today @TriumphForces , Tues@john5guitarist & @jbelladonna , Wed Top 5 live albums, Thurs@LZZYHALE  @Halestorm , Fri all emails. All interviews new except Triumph. All shows 2-4 & 10-Mid ET @siriusxmvolumeor  @SIRIUSXMapp 

Glad everyone enjoyed my @TriumphForces  interview from 2017 today on #TrunkNation . The guys were great! Tomorrow 2 all NEW interviews with @jbelladonna  @Anthrax & @john5guitaristdebuting . 2-4 & 10-Mid ET @siriusxmvolume106  or @SIRIUSXMapp !

All new #TrunkNation  now till 4P ET @siriusxmvolume  106 or @SIRIUSXM  app (now FREE!). Join me today as I talk rock & more with @jbelladonna  @Anthrax  & @john5guitarist  .

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Nothing more frustrating doing a daily live talk show than when someone from my AUDIENCE calls in & says something/has an opinion, & that’s attributed to me! I stand behind anything I say, & respect all views, but a callers voice is NOT always my position!


Sorry to report that I have confirmed Lemmy@myMotorhead  has passed away just now at the age of 70. RIP to a true original icon of rock.

The @SuperBowl  halftime show made for a hell of an exercise / aerobics instructional video, but as far as musical performances go maybe the worst halftime show ever. Bravo @NFL  .. you had @gunsnroses  in FL but that’s what you chose to put on?! Ridiculous..!

Absolutely stunned to hear the unbelievable news that Vinnie Paul has died... I knew Vinnie well. Did my shows many times. A great drummer and music fan and always a blast to hang with. Beyond tragic. Can’t believe it. . #RIPVinniePaul 

Sadly this news is 100% confirmed and just happened. Let's celebrate a true rock warrior and icon who gave us timeless music! #RIPLemmy 

How absolutely ridiculous & idiotic is it that @gunsnroses  are going to be in Miami@SuperBowl  weekend, & playing a Super Bowl related event, but the idiots at @NFL  thought it would be better to give us Shakira & J lo as halftime show.. really?! Clueless!

Amazed at the amount of songwriters it takes to create some of this crap #GRAMMMYs  celebrates. I guess a different person writes every other word & note? Most ROCK acts actually write their own material. What a concept! Maybe one day they’ll get on TV too..!

So cool to hear so much @rushtheband  being played at @NFL  stadiums and in and out of commercials by the networks today during the games as a tribute to Neil. Even though they aren’t saying it it’s obvious. Rush fans are everywhere. Awesome. #RIPNeilPeart 

Nobody ever went to get a beer during the drum solo at a @rushtheband  show.. we will never see his kind again... man this sucks... #RIPNeilPeart