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If anyone was at #Foamhenge  in Houston last night & got any photos of me introing @ace_frehley  please post & tag here or email to eddi @eddietrunk .com . There was a funny moment where he came up from behind me during the intro that would be great to have.Thx!

Enjoy the final best of #TrunkNation  today on @siriusxmvolume  106. I’m back live tomorrow 2-4P ET from NYC with Steve Harris@IronMaiden  in studio! What a way to get back to live shows! Much to cover as well!

Love this band. If you get a chance be sure to check out @alterbridge  live !

I always get a kick out of people saying that any reunions are “all about money”. Of course they are! Name one reunion that didn’t mean more people & more money! Has anyone ever reunited because it meant less money and people?! It’s called the Music BUSINESS.

Signed up for @Clear  . Pretty wild. Going through airports or security stops that have it you don’t need your ID. The kiosk scans your fingerprints or eyes and they wave you through. We have now passed Star Trek times ..

Was great to spend some time w/ @ace_frehley  last night. We were @ same hotel & had a chance to hang for a while & catch up &reminisce about last 30 + years we’ve known each other. Talked about a lot of stuff. Some I can share, some not, but great memories!


Sorry to report that I have confirmed Lemmy@myMotorhead  has passed away just now at the age of 70. RIP to a true original icon of rock.

Absolutely stunned to hear the unbelievable news that Vinnie Paul has died... I knew Vinnie well. Did my shows many times. A great drummer and music fan and always a blast to hang with. Beyond tragic. Can’t believe it. . #RIPVinniePaul 

Sadly this news is 100% confirmed and just happened. Let's celebrate a true rock warrior and icon who gave us timeless music! #RIPLemmy 

Amazed at the amount of songwriters it takes to create some of this crap #GRAMMMYs  celebrates. I guess a different person writes every other word & note? Most ROCK acts actually write their own material. What a concept! Maybe one day they’ll get on TV too..!

It’s incomprehensible on a daily basis to me that there is something called a and neither or are in it.. it’s utterly ridiculous on every possible level no matter what genre of music you like.. disgraceful!

Massive respect & appreciation for any & all rock bands that still play & sing 100% live! It’s becoming a dying thing in rock &sucks to see! I’m getting constant videos of a major rock band clearly lip syncing. It’s ridiculous.Thx to those that keep it REAL!

Don’t care what kind of music you are into, impossible to not like and appreciate @thecarsband  songs. Debut album pretty much perfect. Incredible amount of great songs written by #ricocasek  , not to mention his production work. #RIPRicOcasek 

Inclusion is such a big word today.. but it doesn’t apply to @MTV  when it comes to including anything remotely rock in their awards show god forbid.. disgrace when you think of what a huge role rock played in building that channel. #VMAs