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Episode 56 of @CheerfulPodcast is about the challenge of financing and sustaining high quality journalism in the digital age, including thriving local newspapers. With @arusbridger, @emilybell, @Megan_Lucero and @danhind. Download it now https://t.co/VOvie0AFAL
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For those fed up with Mondays, Episode 55 of @CheerfulPodcast has your answer. The 4 day week. NZ boss #AndrewBarnes tells us how it has made every hour of work more productive & we hear from fro@kategobellm Plu@The_TUCs comedian Dow@matthewcrosbynload: https://t.co/HbnVsRFs8e
IPCC report is a wake up call. This is the issue of our time. As first response, government should move to net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest for UK, and use this as lever for much greater ambition globally in run up to 2020.
Episode 54 of @CheerfulPodcast gets to grips with AI. How do we get make it work for the benefit of humanity? With best selling author @tegmark & of @DuncanMcCann4, pl@NEFus comedian dow@ThatGledhillnload it now: https://t.co/9jsIOTom4P
For those in Liverpool who want a break from Brexit, composite motions and card votes come to my non factional, unifying, broad church pub quiz at @TWT_NOW at 7:30 in the Black-E main space. All wings and none welcome!
Episode 53 of @CheerfulPodcast is out. We talk to @michaelujacobs & abo@SaraBryson1ut the com@IPPRmission on economic justice & how we can make it happen. Plus comedian Downloa@taniaedwardsd it now: https://t.co/rgAykOdyyd
Episode 52 of @CheerfulPodcast is out. It’s about the quiet revolution going on in the cost and take up of renewables, what it means and what we should do in the UK with @JeremyLeggett and @DavenportJuliet. Also comedian @SoozUK Download now: https://t.co/zU46Yb56Ls
Episode 51 of @CheerfulPodcast is out. This week we’re discussing the appalling levels of food waste and ways to tackle this and fight hunger with guests @LB_FareShare of @FareShareUK and @saashaN8 of @OLIO_ex. Plus the brilliant @PhilNWang. https://t.co/dgJbSWwUtk
Episode 50 of @CheerfulPodcast is from Edinburgh with the extraordinary @karynmccluskey on how she has led the battle to tackle knife crime. And comedian @luisaomielan bravely explains the tragic experience that made her believe how much politics matters https://t.co/b7VC59LlXv
Episode 49 of @CheerfulPodcast is out. Recorded at the Edinburgh Festival, it's about how big data can be a force for good in improving health outcomes. With @mhairi_aitken and @mind_travels Plus the brilliant @ayeshahazarika Download now: https://t.co/5gtmsqwYpR
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