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Episode 43 of @CheerfulPodcast is our live show from the Politics Festival on a national education service with @Melissa_Benn and @t2transgress . Plus the hilarious@WeeMissBea on why we should teach the lessons of Love Island in schools...Download now.https://t.co/FYyFPHvnXD
At @LatitudeFest to discuss safeguarding planet. Am alarmed by the pink sheep...#cheerfullive
Lovely to meet a couple of my constituents from Barnburgh on the #TrumpProtest earlier today.
Suggested press conference words “He and I do disagree on some things: his tearing of babies from their parents, his racist attacks on the London mayor, his lies, his admiration for dictators, and I tend to think his combover is an absurdity.”
Roy Keane is just awful I am sorry
So proud of this team, their heart, their teamwork, their decency. Losing is shit but nothing can or should take that away. And Gareth still deserves the knighthood.
On Jeremy Vine on @BBCRadio2 this lunchtime, we'll be asking if football is bringing the country together, whether political protests make a difference, how firms treat people after bereavement. Plus Henry V---he's not available but we'll be hearing his famous speech. From noon.
Fancy a break from stability and strong government? Download ep 42 of @CheerfulPodcast on tech as a force for good with @francesca_bria @gretabyrum and author of Radical Technology Adam Greenfield. Plus multi multi award winning podcaster @ladycariad. https://t.co/JCGUb70uNn
One reflection from what seems to have happened at Chequers is that it once again demonstrated utter intellectual bankruptcy of the Cabinet Brexiteers: May (and the civil service) prevailed partly because in this case there really was no alternative.
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