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Latest Scoops

Fox/Disney deal: Murdochs admit defeat in attempt to gain control of Sky. Statement from me, @vincecable and @LordCFalconer
And mine for people who travel thousands of miles to endorse a groper of young girls who also happens to be a racist homophobe. Time for a period of silence.https://t.co/5g1XS43nUI
Please download this single featuring @Ralph_McTell, the Crisis Choir & f@AnnieLennoxorhttps://t.co/VupWoPuizF 99p to support who@crisis_uk are a brilliant organisation and help thousands of people facing homelessness at Christmas. #StreetsofLondon
Episode 12 is here: The Power of Culture. It’s about equality, regeneration and what kind of country we want to live in. Featuring the brilliant Grayson Perry and his nearly as brilliant, rescued cat, Kevin. Download now!https://t.co/XGMhP8rNqj
I’m old enough to remember when Presidents told the truth
We need to talk about Kevin...he’s a lovely cat and he’s come home to Grayson and Philippa Perry #reasonstobecheerful
What an absolutely ludicrous, incompetent, absurd, make it up as you go along, couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery bunch of jokers there are running the government at the most critical time in a generation for the country.
I told you the secret 'giant lava sinkhole' plan was on background and not for use...
Why the rich (mostly) don’t flee higher taxes and what we should do.
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