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Latest Scoops

Episode 30 of @CheerfulPodcast is our live show from Bristol, There Goes The Neighbourhood: What to do about gentrification? w/ @ChrisChalkley, @bristolpaul, @AntoniaLayard and @DelroyHibbert. Plus singer/songwriter @gavin_osborn. Download it now.
Download this week’s @CheerfulPodcast which is a recording of our live show in Liverpool about how to build community wealth and jobs, learning lessons from Preston’s @MatthewBrownLab, Granby Street’s @TheresaMacD and @nmcinroy from @CLEStweet. Plus the brilliant .@tezilyas
I think you’ve been blocked by the fake me
Opening Day. Fenway Park. #gosox
How do we face down Facebook and get control of our data? @CheerfulPodcast investigates this week with the woman who coined ‘surveillance capitalism’ @shoshanazuboff plus tech rights activist @aral and IPPR’s @DantonsHead. And comedian @jamalimaddix. Download now!
Episode 27 of @CheerfulPodcast is about the massive wealth inequality in Britain and how a sovereign wealth fund could help us tackle it w/@carysroberts of IPPR and academic @AngelaCummine. Plus why Vienna is best rated city to live in world w/ @ChairNoHorseKey. Download now.
#marchforourlives is so affecting because of the hope, urgency and lack of cynicism of the young people. Politics is so often not like that and should be more like it.
Proud to support #MarchForOurLives today in London and the inspiring young people across US demanding change to its gun laws.
Episode 26 of @CheerfulPodcast is here. It’s about how we tackle Britain’s homelessness crisis. We hear about Finland’s ‘Housing First’, how it’s being trialled in Wales with @RebeccaEvansAM and from @matthew_downie of Crisis. Plus comedian @helen_keen. Download now.
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