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Covered Steelers for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette since 1985. Also on 93.7 FM, KDKA-AM, KDKA-TV. Proud IUP grad

Latest Scoops

RIP Gabe Rivera, paralyzed former Steeler. I spoke with him in May about Ryan Shazier. Here is that story https://t.co/ggpQxtMCNP via @PittsburghPG
Steelers No.1 pick in 1983 Gabriel Rivera dies https://t.co/XOkMW9FqZX via @KENS5
Trump questions US intel, not Putin, on Russia 2016 meddling https://t.co/oeilOiu6N0 via @PittsburghPG
Gene Collier with another superb piece of writing: Jim Kelly handles a life’s suffering with grace https://t.co/FX2zFBe5tL via @PittsburghPG
@jimwexell @247Sports That’s Ok. It goes down in Steelers history with other myths, such as The Chief using his winnings at the track to start the franchise
@jimwexell @247Sports Dave Smith did not “spike the ball.” He raised it in triumph as he neared the goalline —as we see hundreds of times today — and it slipped out of his hands
I don’t know about that, Steve. What could be more fun than covering Bubby Brister?
This has to be a tough sell right now
You need a ticket to watch the Browns practice in camp?
Take that, kids: woman charged with assaulting boy at community pool, assaulting deputies https://t.co/ZUEINywnrS
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