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Covered Steelers for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette since 1985. Also on 93.7 FM, KDKA-AM, KDKA-TV. Proud IUP grad

Latest Scoops

Todd Haley won’t be happy
Congratulations @SWigginWTAE WTAE Editorial: Salute to Sally https://t.co/IZEjUjgthe via @YouTube
Big Ben's dogs are everywhere, serving police partners & communities https://t.co/9RYXGSnhDk via @PittsburghPG
Great, John. See you at Heinz soon
There should be more NFL bye weeks
Vance McDonald is flashing some Rob Gronkowski-like ability https://t.co/1pqO3eeJhw via @PittsburghPG
Joey Porter's advice for Steelers pass-rushers? Sack the QB, deal with the consequences https://t.co/H74UNclNne via @PittsburghPG
Among the many questions in my Steelers chat is this one: "what is the chance of them trading for Patrick Peterson?" My answer to that and more here: https://t.co/8kBN4vKvmO via @PittsburghPG
Short notice, but my Steelers chant starts in 3-2-1 NOW, right here:
Maybe Steelers & Le'Veon Bell could not agree on amount of compensation during a. 2- week roster exemption viahttps://t.co/nnPzTn0BEP @PittsburghPG
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