The #bank  may ask you to deposit margin money and seek third-party guarantee in some cases.

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Swahili and other central, eastern and southern-African languages are the fastest-growing in America

Watching Dead of Night in the background during online errands because Sunday requires cosy Its circular plot inspired Fred Hoyle's Steady State model that aimed to explain our expanding universe.

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China Vice-Premier Liu He: China, US made ‘concrete progress’ towards trade war deal in Washington

How to never be stranded after a canceled flight

Sen. Warren says she will soon release a plan detailing how to pay for "Medicare for All" after facing criticism from some of her 2020 rivals for declining to get into specifics about how her health care plan would be funded.

The next downturn will be a "smorgasbord recession," Paul Krugman said.

Inside "Rebble Alliance", an unofficial group that documented Pebble APIs and created replacement web services that have helped keep ~200K smartwatches running @kevinpurdy  / iFixit News)

Did you know about the Congressional App Challenge? Through the @CongressionalAC  students are able to design and present an original app idea. Be sure to submit your idea soon since the challenge ends Nov. 1st. #STEM