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Updates: Bitcoin make a manipulation to liquidated all longs. 🙋 Bet with $BTC via ⟶ √

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We have a real problem. This wknd— NYC: 37 injured, 4 killed Chicago: 63 injured, 17 killed Baltimore: 8 injured, 1 killed Detroit: 5 injured, 2 killed Greenville: 8 injured, 2 killed Memphis: 4 injured, 1 killed We NEED the police.

Read The Story of Civilization by Will & Ariel Durant

How Texas lost the war on Covid-19. Important to note that Abbott intervened to prevent local official from requiring masks or imposing social distancing 1/

Your July 4th was undoubtedly different this year. Those restrictions started in Wuhan, where the Chinese Communist Party deceived and infected the world, crashing the global economy. #BeijingBiden  is totally incapable of confronting the CCP threat. New #MAGAminute  video:

A quick summary of the US, July 5th How the country went red in 6 weeks since Memorial Day The big 3 populous states are driving explosive new case growth Arizona is #1  per capita, still 26% positive tests LA, GA TN, SC, NV, AR, MS, UT all very high/M

I’m voting for Biden Have said it many times

Dominion drops pipeline project and sells gas business to Berkshire Hathaway