#ISRO announces programs to groom next generation of #scientists 

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People are missing the fact that someone at the Ayn Rand Institute had to take the initiative to apply for the PPP loan. That’s called lifting yourself up by the bootstraps.

Big tech returns in 2008 recession... $MSFT: -44% $AAPL: -57% $GOOGL: -56% $AMZN: -45% $QQQ: -42% Big tech returns YTD in 2020 recession... $MSFT: +34% $AAPL: +28% $GOOGL: +12% $AMZN: +65% $QQQ: +22% Data via @ycharts 

Joe Biden is a fundamentally good human being who will help heal America. @JoeBiden 

Uber has agreed to buy Postmates, the fourth-largest U.S. delivery food service, for $2.65 billion in stock.

A lot going on here —> DOJ: “Elizabeth Jo Shirley, of Hedgesville, West Virginia, has admitted to unlawfully retaining a document containing national defense information and committing international parental kidnapping.”

America was founded by rugged individuals who created government to secure their rights and leave them alone. Americans today want government to violate other people's rights, steal their stuff, and give it to them. The home of the free has become the land of the freeloader.

Amazon rallied on Monday, with shares topping $3,000 for the first time. If you bought $1,000 worth of stock in 1997, you'd be a multi-millionaire today

Nobody has a lower opinion of Trump voters than Trump himself. Whenever he’s trying to rally their support, he ignores all the fake economic populism he did in 2016 and doubles and triples down on the racism instead. That’s what he thinks they want.