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Refugees are actually the least likely potential terrorists

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South Africa’s plans to seize land without compensation would be disastrous for the economy, says U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Strike action at dozens of UK universities will go ahead tomorrow as university employers resist union demands to cover #pension  increases #USS  #UCU 

It was a blast discussing AI and the modern productivity paradox, the "Techlash", free goods, economic growth, policies for innovation, and what the Davos crowd gets wrong with @JimPethokoukis . I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

Discipline always! That’s the foundation. Use that discipline every day to achieve the goals you set forth. Giddy up! #petesprinciples  #maketheeffort  #WednesdayWisdom 

TNR Gold has ambitions to become a "leader in green energy metal royalties and gold" via $TNR.V $TSLA $LIT $@proactive_UKT '>BA @proactive_UKT  $GOLD $COPX

When #Venezuela  was one of #LatinAmerica 's wealthiest countries, VNZ children chased rabbits for fun. Today, thanks to #Socialism , VNZ children are forced to chase rabbits for food. Wherever socialism rears its head, hunger & starvation are sure to follow.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes — and the donuts!

Delhi CM Kejriwal meets Amit Shah first time after re-election, says meeting was fruitful | Download the ET App:

Angela Merkel says she won’t get directly involved in choosing a new leader for her party or a candidate to succeed her as German chancellor