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Summer is the quintessential season for grilling out. Stock up on @tribalifoods beef burgers for your next backyard BBQ or community cookout. Congratulations @tribalifoods for winning a 2018 Best Bite Award for "Best Burger." https://t.co/MZPGDfa71H
We interview Vincent Martinez from https://t.co/k1eUSy2uHh this week for our Behind the Bar series. We chat about working 30 years behind the bar, his best @CCDSips advice, and his background… https://t.co/ZfZZkiRC3U
@PharmacistRoot @herbalgirl98 tks for the RT! > Some of the best advice @EEarlenbaugh ever got while adjusting to #marijuana use was to “own your stone.” This refers to the process of embracing the full experience o #cannabisfhttps://t.co/zHOlS6JqD7 #MMJ #healthandwellness .
It's official! This is the best time of day you should exercise for weight loss: https://t.co/8Kum75WqPq
B12 Shots for Deficiencies, Energy, and Weight Loss https://t.co/SBRuLGexSt
@HeartOTXHeartMD @AmandaKit1 @ValaAfshar @DrMarthaGulati I can only teach it through
- limiting the scope of failure
- letting loose the reins
- letting the learner do their best
- reviewing the wins and losses afterward

I can’t teach critical thinking but I can prepare some dirt for it to grow in!
Join us this Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm to learn about @RodaleInstitute​'s #pasturedhogs project, demonstrating the standard for best practices in #organically raising #hogs. Register for @RodaleInstitute's #OrganicFieldDay​ at https://t.co/av5Gcojhi0.
Mindy Kaling Asked the Internet for Treadmill Recommendations—So Here Are Some of the Best from Amazon: https://t.co/CdOJcBNLXe
The best diet plan for weight loss—hands down: https://t.co/QAPEvDoU1i
Congrats on your weight loss. Thanks for sharing with us, good luck on your journey!
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