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For 54 years, London's Natural History Museum has sought out the best in nature photography with its Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition https://t.co/LOiWDZQYez
Note that weight stigma is the assumptions we make about people based on their size (cultural) and by and large our culture does not allow for fat people to be deemed healthy, even if there is higher weight with no complications #haes #fnce
.@ErikWemple makes interesting argument that "the best journalism lends itself to reverse engineering". Reminds me of the need for replication in science research. A finding is curious until it's repeated. Thought-provoking: https://t.co/SnwB23eRkp
This is the one time each year we gather in person to raise critical funds for our reporting on the people, projects, and places we lift up. Join us 11.13 in community with the Bay Area's best chefs, producers, and businesses to help support our work.
Kids younger than 5 are at high risk of serious flu-related complications, @CDCgov says. The flu vaccine offers the best protection for both children & adults.
Did you know that if you’re 65 or older and attain 5% weight loss that you can decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes by 71%? Enrolling in the National Diabetes Prevention Program can help. Learn more here: https://t.co/6t0jEkReVY
One of the best places to go for pro-Trump news coverage these days is...The Epoch Times?

Determine Your Body Type For Smart Weight Loss: https://t.co/vx9iRIhosD
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